Saturday, March 3, 2012

The best leopard print lingerie ever

You've been searching for images of shapely women in leopard print? Yes, there'll be a few. But the writing is what you'll really get off on. Read on for a real leopard print experience.

Island girl - you'll get to know her a bit better over the next few weeks - is a tall, brown-skinned, curly-haired beauty with an impeccable English accent, and a peach of a butt. My obsession for the last few years has been to search out leopard print on lingerie shopping sites and auction sites and hide it in her wardrobe, or bedside drawers, or even in the kitchen. We don't live together (otherwise it would be difficult for me to keep the others you'll meet soon on the go) so I have to wait until she's in the bathroom or on the phone, then I scurry away to find somewhere to hide my latest acquisition. What makes this so much fun is I never know when or what she's going to wear to surprise me.

However the first time didn't work out quite as planned. One of my regular searches on these lingerie and auction sites is for leopard print bras. I search for lots of other stuff but you can always guarantee a good bra or two. Early on in this little bit of compulsive behaviour I came across a fabulous bra - by Hestia, silky leopard print but very nicely padded. I couldn't resist it. When it came I nearly came myself just unwrapping it. I was tempted to lock myself away and soak it with cum, but I knew straight away what I really wanted to do with it.

So the next evening I called around at Island girl's place and we had dinner. She went for a shower (she always does before we have sex) and I was sneaking into her bedroom and opening her lingerie drawer to hide the bra when she came in looking for a towel. I was caught in the act - if you can imagine a shapely, brown, naked woman facing me while in one hand I'm holding a leopard print bra and the other is rummaging in a lingerie drawer, and of course I've got a raging hard-on so that's bulging out of the front of my jeans...

She shimmied towards me and swiped the bra out of my hand. "Well what have we here? Some artificial assistance?" with a smile on her face. I was worried that she might be offended because the bra was padded but she seemed to like it. "Very, very slutty." she said, quickly fastening the clip and putting it on.

She went down on her knees straight away and freed up my cock from my jeans. I thought she'd take my jeans down but she said "If I'm wearing something, you can as well. But I want your shirt off." So off came the t-shirt and she started rubbing her bra against my nipples. By now by cock was rock hard and the head was bulging. "I think I know how to use this," she said, lying back on the bed and reaching for the lube. She pulled me forward so my legs were either side of her, my cock standing up over her breasts. She squeezed a handful of lube between her breasts which were pushed together by the bra. Using both hands she gripped my cock and slid it between her breasts. I was shaking now, holding onto the headboard of the bed to keep steady. She moved her hands around to my butt and started to push and pull me backwards and forwards, sliding my cock between her breasts until the head entered her mouth, and then out again. With the bra holding her breasts together with divine leopard print, my cock was completely surrounded by breast and then mouth.

I started to shake as she moved me faster and faster and as I started to come she dug her fingers into my butt and pulled me forward until my balls were against the bra and her breasts and my cock was well into her mouth. She finished me off - not that I needed much by then - with her tongue, moving it up and down and around my cock's head - until I spurted what felt like a gallon into her mouth. When I was done she pushed me away, back through the cleft of her breasts, and gulped down some water.

I was spent and she knew it. She pushed me back on the bed and lay next to me, resting her hand on my shoulder. "You'd better get some sleep; you'll have plenty to do when you wake up to get your account back in credit." I smiled; making love to her in the morning would not be any kind of hardship whatsover.

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