Thursday, March 8, 2012

Leopard print: you just can't beat it

So the last post had to be called the best leopard print ever, because it was the first. So here's another true story from early on in the leopard print experiences. This one's also about Island Girl; I promise I'll tell you about one of the others next time around.

I'm obsessed with leopard print; I think you know that already. All leopard print makes me horny, but the stuff that really gets me off is silk leopard print, so my first search when I go online is always for that, to see who has started a new line of lingerie that I can seek out.

I usually search for bras and panties and on this occasion I found some clingy silk leopard print panties which I just couldn't resist. They weren't your thong/g-string style, thank god, what's the point of silk if it doesn't cling to her peachy butt? These were full panties but so well cut they were like a second skin. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

These panties were available only from a retailer in Europe; Belgium to be precise. And they didn't have an online shop at that time. So I found myself making an expensive call late at night, and trying to remember my schoolboy French, just to get these exquisite panties sent half way around the world. But man, was it worth it.

After my first - failed - experience of trying to hide the stuff, I knew I had to be more careful. It really paid off in the long run, as she surprised me time and again, but early on it was a case of learning how many seconds I had before she came back into the room. It took about 2 weeks before the panties arrived, and when they did my heart was pounding all day. They were wrapped in this extra layer of leopard print silk (I had other plans for that - a real bonus) and were just beautiful. Of course I couldn't hide them in the lingerie drawer - too obvious, and that's where I was caught last time. I had to think of something else.

Island girl lives on her own, and so I knew I could hide them anywhere - no-one else would find them. Now you may think this is a little kinky, but I eventually decided to hide them in a mug in the kitchen. She'd be so surprised. So I did, and then I waited. I waited, as it turns out, for three whole weeks. I thought I'd blown it. I couldn't have been more wrong.

She's asked me to go round quite early one weekday morning to pick her up and take her into town, to work. That wasn't unusual. So I rang the bell, looking forward to the coffee she made so well - with her espresso machine and milk steamer. She was in her robe - nothing unusual about that either, she always got dressed right at the last moment. She opened the door and I went inside.

The coffee smelt good, but it was sometime later that I finally got to taste it. She didn't take her eyes off me as we walked into the living room. "Have a seat" she said, pointing towards her couch. Guests often remarked on the unusual shape of the couch - no back, and some interesting angles - but none of them realised it's true purpose. She'd had it made after hearing about the Liberator range; she'd examined their website carefully and then gone down to her mates at the foam shaping workshop and had one made to "fit". We'd had some great times on that "couch."

So I sat down, expecting her to go and get the coffee. Instead she pulled on the belt of her robe and it fell open to reveal her gorgeous brown body and, yes, the leopard silk panties clinging to her like, well, silk. "I usually put coffee in my mug, but I had to take these out of it first. So what else was I supposed to do with them in the morning - put them away carefully?!"

She walked forward. I'd got an instant hard-on which was painfully pushing up against my jeans. I pulled my t-shirt off as she pushed me back onto the couch and straddled me. I could feel that she was already wet as she slid forward and started to rub herself on my nipple through the silk. Now my nipples are probably my most erogenous zone. I can come just through stimulation of my nipples. So this was driving me crazy and my cock was so tight against my jeans I was worried it might get damaged. She jumped off just long enough to drag my jeans down and throw them across the room. She left my briefs on, saying she liked to see my cock escaping. Jumping back on top she continued to rub my nipples with her cunt, alternating from side to side. I reached up to cup her breasts and started to return the compliment, tweaking her nipples at the same time, then alternating, then rubbing them with my palms.

She started to moan, and leaned back, reaching behind her for my cock which had now completely escaped and was bouncing around looking for something to make contact with. Wrapping her free hand around it, using her other hand to tweak one nipple while she continued to rub the other with her cunt, I started to lose control. The panties were now soaked and slippery as she moved back and forth with perfect rhythm.

We both knew this wasn't going to take long and as I started to spurt through her grip, spattering her back with warm come, she started to shudder, gripping the sides of my chest with her long brown legs. I started to tighten my hold on her breasts - I knew she liked that as she came, feeling her hard nipples in my palms.

Eventually she let go and fell forward onto me. I slid her down so we could kiss, massaging my come into her lower back and peachy butt. It happened so quickly we had plenty of time for showers and coffee before heading into town as planned. I felt spaced out for most of the day but no-one else seemed to notice, not too much anyway, although I saw one of the office girls looking at my shirt a little closely; she'd noticed my still erect nipples and looked at me with a half smile. I reckon there are two types of women in the world; those who have been with men whose nipples are working; and those who haven't. Girls - if you haven't found a man who comes when you suck, bite and rub his nipples, go find one quick. You'll never regret it.

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